The Nintendo 64 Mini Is Coming: Thank You Congress

It seems like the big “N” is always the last to the party, and they seem okay with that. There was a time when Nintendo dominated the video game market, but that isn’t the case anymore.

Still, the nostalgia of the brand cannot be ignored. There are still millions of games who cling to anything Nintendo related. Which brings us to the question of the Nintendo 64 Mini.

The highly anticipated console is yet to come, but the technology bill passed by Congress yesterday could usher in the Nintendo 64 Mini sooner than we expected.

The reason there had not been a Nintendo 64 Mini was due to the chip shortage that has occurred since the pandemic. But with the 280 billion dollar bill set to enhance semiconductor production, we might have the N64 mini after all.

Nintendo has held off on releasing the N64 Mini, and has since released the Nintendo 64 virtual console package on the Nintendo Switch. But, let’s be honest, we all want an N64 mini.

With the announcement of the Sega Genesis 2 Mini, there is still an appetite for these mini-consoles. I think it’s about time Nintendo uses this bill to their advantage and releases the Nintendo 64 Mini.

It might be sooner than you expect.



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Cameron Eittreim

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